the small change diaries live at korks

The Small Change Diaries will be sharing their wonderful original material, at select local venues over the coming weeks. They will then be on stage at the GNUF – a Grand Northern Ukulele Festival this May, and the Festival de Guitarra de Lagoa in Portugal, this autumn.

Catch them while you can if you love really great music. I can’t recommend their distinctively melodic sound highly enough.  SCD Otley 2016-23SCD Otley 2016-10SCD Otley 2016-22SCD Otley 2016-33SCD Otley 2016-54SCD Otley 2016-13SCD Otley 2016-36SCD Otley 2016-29SCD Otley 2016-5SCD Otley 2016-18SCD Otley 2016-28SCD Otley 2016-32SCD Otley 2016-35SCD Otley 2016-38SCD Otley 2016-52SCD Otley 2016-30SCD Otley 2016-59SCD Otley 2016-21SCD Otley 2016-25SCD Otley 2016-24SCD Otley 2016-3