skosh opening night

Skosh is a fantastic new asset for Micklegate in York, and a scintillating taste sensation for all of York’s great food lovers.

Neil Bentinck’s superb small plates are already impressing everyone with his stunning flavour combinations.

If you haven’t booked your table yet, you are missing a treat. Neil, his team and this unique restaurant are destined for greatness.skosh opening 2016-128skosh opening 2016-65skosh opening 2016-104skosh opening 2016-214skosh opening 2016-146skosh opening 2016-116skosh opening 2016-95skosh opening 2016-218skosh opening 2016-206skosh opening 2016-68skosh opening 2016-87skosh opening 2016-38skosh opening 2016-161skosh opening 2016-41skosh opening 2016-50skosh opening 2016-9skosh opening 2016-73skosh opening 2016-40skosh opening 2016-90skosh opening 2016-91skosh opening 2016-93skosh opening 2016-96skosh opening 2016-99skosh opening 2016-94skosh opening 2016-117skosh opening 2016-203skosh opening 2016-101skosh opening 2016-110skosh opening 2016-89skosh opening 2016-111skosh opening 2016-100skosh opening 2016-123skosh opening 2016-125skosh opening 2016-129skosh opening 2016-135skosh opening 2016-137skosh opening 2016-208skosh opening 2016-138skosh opening 2016-139skosh opening 2016-140skosh opening 2016-126skosh opening 2016-145skosh opening 2016-152skosh opening 2016-154skosh opening 2016-175skosh opening 2016-219skosh opening 2016-147skosh opening 2016-158skosh opening 2016-159skosh opening 2016-193skosh opening 2016-164skosh opening 2016-166skosh opening 2016-83skosh opening 2016-216